School Zone Math Basics Grade 2 Workbook
School Zone Math Basics Grade 2 Workbook
School Zone Math Basics Grade 2 Workbook
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School Zone Math Basics Grade 2 Workbook

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Help your child master early math skills. Math concepts build on one another from one grade to the next, and success in the “M” part of STEM begins with mastering the basics. The colorful, creative activities in Math Basics 2 introduce and reinforce math facts, place value, adding and subtracting larger numbers, and lots more. Plus, using pencil and paper for problem-solving is more than still relevant; it has unique learning benefits! When kids finish up, fill out the reward certificate and post with pride. The Principles and Standards for School Mathematics, published by the National Council for Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM) guided creation of this workbook, and key concepts and skills are identified at the bottom of each page to help relate content to school  curriculum. The 32-page slim size make Math Basics 2 perfect for extra practice anytime, anywhere.


  • numbers 1-100
  • addition
  • subtraction
  • sums
  • differences
  • before and after
  • comparing
  • number ordering
  • greater than or less than
  • place value
  • regrouping
  • fact families
  • count by twos
  • count by fives
  • count by tens
  • beginning multiplication