School Zone First Grade Scholar
School Zone First Grade Scholar
School Zone First Grade Scholar
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School Zone First Grade Scholar

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Help spark your first grader’s creativity and critical thinking! First Grade Scholar sharpens skills by engaging a child's natural love of learning. This full-color workbook uses a wide range of everyday and historical themes, for example, Animal Map and Off to America, to introduce a lively selection of first grade language arts, math, science, and social studies activities. Plus, meaningful skill practice is enhanced with challenging extras to enrich the learning experiences. On-page activities such as “Fur or Feathers?” and “Food Fractions” are supplemented by Cool Ideas such as making a "word snake" and Fun Stuff--offering creative challenges such as pretending you're a fly on the ceiling of your bedroom, and drawing the room from that perspective! The workbook also includes vocabulary words and fun facts. The slim, 32-page size is just right for tucking into totes and luggage.


  • consonant sounds
  • long vowels
  • short vowels
  • periods
  • question marks
  • plural nouns
  • proper nouns
  • verbs
  • analogies
  • adjectives
  • reading comprehension
  • addition and subtraction
  • geometric shapes
  • patterns
  • telling time
  • graphing
  • measurement
  • estimation
  • word problems
  • logic
  • fractions
  • human body
  • animal differences
  • calendar