Jr. RangerLand National Park Board Game
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Jr. RangerLand National Park Board Game

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Grab your binoculars and visit our National Parks. In this fun-filled game of color matching and exploration, players collect Explorer Cards as they journey to National parks throughout the United States. They will experience many landmarks, buildings, and natural wonders while always on the lookout for plants, animals, items of interest and opportunities to care for the parks.

Sites included on the game board are as follows:

Acadia NP, Arches NP, Badlands NP, Big Bend NP, Crater Lake NP, Denali NP & PRES, Everglades NP, Glacier NP, Grand Canyon NP, Great Smoky Mountains NP, Hawaii Volcanoes NP, Hot Springs NP, Isle Royale NP, Mammoth Cave NP, Olympic NP, Rocky Mountain NP, Shenadoah NP, Yellowstone NP, Yosemite NP, Zion NP

The Explorer Cards include many plants, animals, and geological features. There are also cards that provide opportunities for players to help out around the park or discover some important historical or cultural facts. There are 32 cards in all!

The winner of the game is the person who can gather the most Explorer cards.

As an extra challenge, players can look for matching plants and animals that show up on the Explorer cards. They are hidden on the game board.

Creative Child Magazine 2011 Game of the Year Award recipient.

Ages 4 and up.  Made in the USA.