Denco Toenail Scissors - 3.5 Inch
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Denco Toenail Scissors - 3.5 Inch

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Denco’s 3107 Toenail Scissors are made in Italy and feature sharp, strong blades to cut toenails with ease. If you struggle with toenail clippers or just prefer the smooth action of scissors, this tool is a great choice. The straight blade will give you a clean cut and help to prevent ingrown toenails because you won’t accidentally trim into the corners.

How to use:

1. Wash your feet in warm, soapy water or use after a shower or bath. Clean, softened toenails are the goal. 

2. Beginning at one side of your toenail and finishing at the other, slowly and carefully trim to the desired length. 

3. Remember that your toenail should be even with your toe and that you should cut them straight across. Do NOT follow the curve of your toe and cut into the corners, especially on your big toe.