Denco Three Step Nail Buffer
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Denco Three Step Nail Buffer

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Denco’s 2717 Three Step Nail Buffer is a fast, easy way to make dull nails shine! Getting beautiful nails is as easy as 1- 2- 3.. without the hassle and drying time of clear polish. The pink portion removes nail ridges and stains, the white portion buffs the nail and the gray side polishes. The amount of time and pressure will allow you to control the level of shine. A few strokes for a matte finish and a few more for a high gloss shine! Great for men and women who want groomed, ridge free, matte or shiny nails but don’t want to use polish.

How to Use:

1. Using the pink portion of the file, gently file back and forth across the top of your nail plate. This will remove thin layers from your nail, so people with thin nails should be extra careful. 

2. Next, repeat this process with the white portion of the file, again, remembering to be gentle. 

3. Lastly, repeat this process using the gray side of the file. Going over the nail a few times will provide a light glow. The more times you go over your nail, the shinier it will become.