Denco Powder Brush
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Denco Powder Brush

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Denco’s 4970 Powder Brush is ideal for applying and blending all your facial powders. Pack the dense bristles with pressed powder and buff to perfection. The fluffy head evenly distributes loose powder to reduce shine and lock down your foundation. The domed shape expertly contours and colors with powdered bronzer, highlighter and blush. The brush features a high quality wooden handle and synthetic bristles.

How To Use: 

Dip the bristles into your powder product and tap off the excess. For pressed powder and foundation, apply in a circular motion, beginning at the center of your face and working outward. Buff to blend. For loose powder, use long, light, sweeping motions to dust your entire face with a thin layer of powder. For highlighter, apply a small amount to the bridge of your nose, under the outer arch of your eyebrow and along your cupid’s bow. To contour, apply bronzer to your temples, under your cheekbones and along your jaw line (in a shape like the number 3). Blend completely. For blush, apply to the apples of your cheeks in a circular motion or sweep along your cheekbones and blend completely.