Denco Mustache Scissors & Comb
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Denco Mustache Scissors & Comb

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Denco's 4102 Mustache Scissors & Comb Set is a convenient combination of our 4101 Mustache Scissors and a fine-tooth comb. The comb is made in the USA and features sturdy, rounded teeth that will not scratch your skin or get tangled in your facial hair. The Italian hand-ground scissors cleanly and smoothly trim any stray hair for a polished, perfectly groomed look.

How to use:

1. Comb your dry mustache hair to remove any loose hair or snarls. 

2. Carefully trim your hair to the desired length in slow, even cuts. 

3. After you've finished cutting, re-comb your mustache and trim any strays. 

NOTE: Do not pull your hair taut and hold it with the comb to trim. This gives uneven results, especially if you're cutting wet hair.