Denco Mini Trimmer
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Denco Mini Trimmer

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Denco's Mini Trimmer is a battery-operated, Sharpie-sized groomer that is ideal for face and body. The safety blade shaves off all unwanted hair, quickly and safely. Ideal for nose hair, ear hair and grooming bikini areas. The trimmer also includes a removable guide to evenly trim mustaches and beards. A cleaning brush is included. Requires one AAA battery, NOT INCLUDED.

How to use:

1. Slide the black handle off the trimmer and insert one AAA battery (not included). Then slide the handle back in place. 

2. To remove all hair, slide the on/off switch up to "on", place the trimmer blade against your skin and slide it along to remove the hair in its path. For best results, trim in the opposite direction of the hair growth.

3. If you'd like to trim long or unruly hair from mustaches, beards or eyebrows, snap the cutting guide over the trimmer head, switch the trimmer on, and slide the guide over the hair to be trimmed. For best results, trim in the same direction as the hair growth.  Note that the guide is double-sided so you have the option of trimming to two different lengths. 

4. When you are finished trimming, slide the on/off switch to "off" and clean the trimmer with the included brush. You can open the trimmer head to access the blade by unlocking the slide on the back of the trimmer (NOT the side with the on/off switch) and lifting off half of the trimmer head cover.