Denco Large Emery Boards 6 Inch - 10 Pack
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Denco Large Emery Boards 6 Inch - 10 Pack

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Denco’s 2715 Large Emery Boards are a great solution for anyone needing dual purpose nail files at a low price. Each file features a coarse, orange side to quickly file down the length of your nails and a fine, tan side to smooth and finish. The larger size gives each file a longer life, and when the first one is worn down, you’ll still have 9 left…thanks to this convenient package of 10!

How to Use:

For best results, file your nails when they are dry. Gently slide the file grit along your nail edge in one direction, from corner to center, NOT in a back-and-forth, see-saw manner. Repeat until you have the desired shape and smoothness. Use the orange side to quickly reduce your nail length and the tan side to smooth and finish