Denco Cuticle and Nail Scissors
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Denco Cuticle and Nail Scissors

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Denco’s 2105 Cuticle & Nail Scissors are two grooming tools in one! Made in Italy, our scissors feature a sturdy design that cuts easily through nails AND a fine point for precision cuticle trimming. The sharp, curved blades follow the contour of your nails to shape and smooth your edges while you cut, minimizing the need for filing afterwards. The pointed tip makes it easy to trim any overgrown cuticles and hangnails. These 2-in-1 scissors will save you time AND save space in your bathroom drawer or medicine cabinet!

How to Use:

1. Wash your hands in warm, soapy water or use after a shower or bath. Clean, softened nails and cuticles are the goal. 

2. Gently push back your cuticles with a cuticle pusher or manicure stick. Remember to be gentle and only push back the excess that is creeping onto the nail plate. 

3. Use the tips of the Scissors to carefully trim the excess cuticle that has been pushed back. 

4. Use the blades of the Scissors to trim each nail to the desired length, following the natural curve of your nails.