Denco Beard & Barber Scissors - 4.5 Inch
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Denco Beard & Barber Scissors - 4.5 Inch

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Denco's 4104 Beard & Barber Scissors are sized for quick, effective beard trimming. The sharp blades and smooth action will make it a pleasure for you to keep your facial hair well groomed. These scissors are also great for trimming bangs and children's hair.

How to use:

1. Comb your hair to remove any tangles or loose strands. 

2. Carefully trim your hair to the desired length. Use the scissor tips for small, precision cuts and the length of the blade for longer cuts. 

3. After you've finished cutting, re-comb your hair and trim any strays.

NOTE: Do not pull your mustache hair taut and hold it to trim. This gives uneven results, especially if you're cutting wet hair.