Denco Baby Nail Care Trio
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Denco Baby Nail Care Trio

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Denco’s 6004 Baby Nail Care Trio is the perfect gift for any parent. Our Stainless Steel Scissors quickly trim children’s nails from birth through preschool. The baby nail clipper is sized to quickly cut the nails and toenails of infants and young children. The fine grit, cushioned nail file gently and effectively smoothes any rough nail edges so babies won’t accidentally scratch themselves. This convenient 3-piece set of high quality grooming tools is a must-have for any home with a baby or small children.

How to Use:

It's often easier to trim children's nails when they are sleeping, so they're less likely to pull away or move around. Be sure to grasp the finger or toe and hold it firmly before cutting with either the clippers or the scissors. When you've finished trimming, use the cushioned file to quickly but gently smooth out any sharp or rough edges.