Denco 7 Way Nail Buffer
Denco 7 Way Nail Buffer
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Denco 7 Way Nail Buffer

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Denco's 2776 7-Way Nail Buffer features seven unique grits, numbered and color coded for ease of use.  This tool smoothes nail edges, removes ridges and buffs the nail surface to your desired level of shine, from matte to high gloss.  Get professional results from your at-home manicure or pedicure with this long-lasting, cushioned file.

How to Use:

To shape and smooth nail edges:

Use Sides 1 - 3 (printed on the buffer) to create your desired nail shape and smooth rough edges.  The grits ascend from Coarse to Fine (with 1 being the most coarse).  Always file your nails when they are dry, in one direction, from edge to center, not back and forth.  

To buff and shine the surface of your nails:

Beginning with Side 4, gently slide the buffer across the surface of your nail until ridges are removed.  Smooth further with Side 5.  Buff the nail surface to a matte finish with Side 6.  To obtain more shine, use Side 7.  A few strokes provide a semi-gloss look.  More strokes will result in a high gloss shine.  


*Repeat buffing with Side 4 and 5 every two to three weeks.  Repeat shining with Side 6 and 7 every one to two weeks.